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MegaRoller - Follow the Surge!

The Horizon 2020 project MegaRoller will develop and demonstrate a Power Take-Off (PTO) for wave energy converters. In this side event, consortium members will present the MegaRoller’s activities, an analysis of LCOE, and environmental monitoring practices.


CCD, Dublin, Ireland
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The development and demonstration of the PTO for a 1MW OWSC device is based on multiple hardware innovations (modular design, twin drive trains, intelligent cylinders, standardized central power unit and novel accumulator arrangement) and software innovations (wave-by-wave damping control, advanced efficiency control, energy storage control, power smoothing and prediction). The project will therefore generate extensive know-how in the area of PTO design and PTO control systems, with the aim to decrease the LCOE of next generation OWSC devices below €150/MWh. The methodologies used in the project (such as wave-by-wave damping control and prediction, standardized power units) will be applicable to many other Wave Energy Converter types and generate new standards (algorithms) for PTO control, thus benefiting the broader ocean energy community.


The MegaRoller project: Challenges and new developments
Jussi Åkerberg, CTO AW-Energy Oy

Applying auditory neuroscience in energy production 
Patrick J. C. May, PhD/Reader, Lancaster University

Wavepower – levelized value of energy 
Til Kristian, Vrana, PhD/Researcher, SINTEF

Deciding on best environmental monitoring practices in wave energy 
Maria Apolonia, MSc/Researcher, WavEC

Final Assembly of a first commercial WaveRoller
Christopher Ridgewell, CEO AW-Energy Oy

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the event.

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Spencer Dock, N Wall Quay, North Wall, Dublin 1, D01 T1W6, Irland