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Feasibility of CO2 storage as a climate mitigation measure in Norway

Seminar series Outside the BOCCS. (CCS = CO2 capture and storage.)


The Science Library, Vilhem Bjerknes' hus
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Norway has ratified the Paris climate agreement, and the government has formulated a mitigation strategy to reduce climate gas emissions by 40 % (rel. 1990) before 2030. This is in line with EU targets. The goal is to achieve actual emission cuts in Norway, not mainly through international quotas. How are we going to manage large reductions fast and effectively, in ways that are the most suitable for the typical Norwegian industrial CO2-sources? Is storage of CO2 a feasible solution? Who will ensure low risk and facilitate upscaling and infrastructure? Join our first seminar in the "outside the BoCCS" seminar series.


  • Approx. 13.00 - Lunch
  • 13:15 Do we need CCS? Norwegian climate targets, negative emissions and carbon storage. The key role of CCS demand. Asbjørn Torvanger - Cicero
  • 13:40 Realizing full-scale CO2 capture and storage in Norway – accelerating CCS in Europe? Egil Meisingset - Norwegian Oil and Energy Department
  • 14:05 Gassnovas role in CCS: facilitation, infrastructure and sharing the risk Kari-Lise Rørvik – Gassnova
  • 14:30 Energy intensive industry climate measures and European policy Olav Øye – Bellona
  • 14:55 Coffee and panel discussion

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Photo: Ingrid Anell
Photo: Ingrid Anell

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