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Energy analytics hacaton

The research project ENERGYTICS invites students in Trondheim to a hackathon in where you can get creative with energy data, get free pizza, and win a money prize!


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The main goal of the project is to demonstrate application of Big Data technologies for data from smart electricity meters installed in Norway. The smart meters are primarily considered a tool for automatic and precise billing and reading of customer consumption on an hourly basis. However, the data they meter can provide many additional services.

For the energy analytics hackathon, we will provide you with high-resolution data from smart meters in Norway and other relevant data. Then we encourage you to get creative and create something which fits into the project goal written above! It can be for example code using the available data or a business model for use of the available data.

You will be working in groups. If you already have a group you want to work with you can do that, but we can also assign you to a group if you want. During the hackathon every group should prepare a 3-minute presentation about their result, which one person from the group will present for a jury. The contributions will be evaluated according to their innovation, technical feasibility and presentation. There are prizes for the two best contributions – 10,000 NOK for the winner group and 5,000 NOK for the second place!

Link for registration and more on the Energy analytics hacaton

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