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IEA Hydropower Annex IX

ANNEX IX Phase II-Valuing Hydropower Services


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Utilization of Hydropower Flexibility Capability in Evolving Energy Systems

Kick-off Workshop

Welcome to the IEA Hydropower Annex IX Phase II kick-off workshop. The overall purpose of the Kick-Off workshop is to define the scope of research and the work plan to reach the Annex Objectives, as well as confirm the participants who will contribute to the Annex.

Phase II will consider the role of hydropower in producing significant amount of firm renewable energy and storage to support VRE's, and providing flexible energy and balancing services to support electricity systems – collectively termed 'hydro balancing'. In addition, it will investigate hydropower's potential role for water management and climate change mitigation.

The workshop is by invitation only!

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Rue du Trône 61, Brussels, Belgium