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CCS Coursing and student mobility between USA, Norway and Svalbard

An important part of the FME NCCS (Norwegain CCS Research Centre) is to contribute in the education of the next generation researchers.


Colorado, Oslo and Svalbard
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In 2014, UNIS and University of Oslo, together with Colorado School of Mines, were awarded the High North project "Carbon Capture and Sequestration in the High North". The aim is to establish a suite of CCS courses at the three institutions, stimulating exchange of teaching staff, students, and CCS knowledge. The project provides travel grants for student mobility between Svalbard, Norway, and USA.

Three course, at MSc and PhD levels, will be held at the host institutions during the summer 2018 - end of May (Colorado) to first week of July (Svalbard). These courses will give:

  • a general introduction to CCS (Colorado)
  • basic knowledge to estimate CO2 storage capability (UiO)
  • geological constraints seen from field sites at Svalbard

Last summer (2017), students from eight different nations; Indonesia, China, Russia, Germany, Canada, Norway, Netherland, and Pakistan, participated, making an unforgettable experience for both students and staff.

The next course will be held in the summer 2018, and we welcome CCS-interested applicants, especially from the High North countries.

Note that the deadline for hospitants to the University of Oslo is early January 2018, so if you are interested, please contact us soon for more information.

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Contact: Helge Hellevang ()

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