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Seminar on PEM fuel cells lifetime and degradation for maritime applications

This EERA seminar will give the attendees an insight into the research on PEM fuel cell lifetime and durability in Norway and internationally as well as an overview of the status of the technology today.


Oslo Forskningsparken, CIENS Toppsenter
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Short introduction of the seminar

The use of fuel cells in the maritime sector is currently gaining momentum as seen in the development contract from Norwegian Public Roads Administration for a 2021 fuel cell ferry and the plans from Viking Cruises to develop the first hydrogen cruise ship.

The seminar gathers distinguished speakers from all over the world presenting newest research and development activities focusing on materials, components and system aspects.

  • There are some slots available for giving presentations at the seminar. Please contact Dr. Magnus Thomassen ()

A limited number of seats are available to attend the seminar given on a first come – first serv-ed basis. Event is free of charge.


09:00:09:15: Registration and Welcome
 Introduction by Magnus Thomassen (SINTEF)
09:40-10:00: Graham Smith (SINTEF) - A review of fuel cells for maritime use

Session 1: Materials, components, modelling

10:00-10:30: Stephen Holdcroft (Simon Fraser University) - PEM fuel cell membrane materials, lifetime and new innovations
 Pieter Leveque (University of Cape Town) - PEM fuel cell catalysts
- Jon Pharoah (Queen's University) - Lifetime modelling of PEM fuel cells, tbc.
11:30-12:30 - Break

Session 2: System aspects

12:30-12:50 - Federico Zenith (SINTEF) - SINTEF experiences on lifetime improvement through intelligent control and diagnostics of PEM fuel cells
- Alejandro Oyarce (SINTEF) - Lifetime of PEM fuel cells: the importance of operating conditions and protocols
Tomas Tronstad (Hyon) - Fuel cell system solutions for ferries and ships
13:40-14:10:  Break

Anders Ødegård (SINTEF) - Optimisation of PEM system design in ships and trucks
1430-1500: Tjalve Svendsen (Prototech) - Prototech light-weight fuel cell system development activities and possibilities for marine fuel cell electric powertrains

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Forskningsparken Gaustadalléen 21 0349 Oslo