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Future prospects in aquaculture technology

How do digital solutions, enabling technologies, big data and internet of things change the salmon industry? We present the latest research and possible game changers.


Trondheim Spektrum - tent in front of main entrance
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12.00 Ambitions for a strong aquaculture industry in Norway
- Planning for future growth - Vegar Johansen, CEO
- The value of strong supplier industry - Ulf Winther, Research Director

12.40 Future fish handling
From hand to machine – robots in the salmon processing industry. How automated processes can help us reduce waste and cut costs.
- Virtual reality as a tool in fish handling - Jonatan Sjølund Dyrstad
- Replacing the hand - Aleksander Eilertsen

13.00 Seaweed – from natural resource to cultivated industry
The largest aquaculture species has many traits that make it perfect for industrial production. An technological outlook on the possibilities ahead.
- From laboratory testing to large scale production - Aleksander Handå
- Development of specialized equipment for a new industry - Andreas Hagemann

13:20 Digital salmon
Aquaculture equipment must take care of fish welfare. Digital systems enable us to monitor the fish and develop solutions that supports both biological and technological needs. Instrumenting the fish helps us analyze an Enabling technologies
- Monitoring salmon behaviour in the cage - Martin Føre
- Quantifying mechanical loads in fish handling equipment - a step towards better fish welfare - Eirik Svendsen

13:40 How can technology help us address the right issue?
Technological progress helps us see problems from a new angle which can lead to game changing development.
- Do we ask the right questions? - Walter Caharija
- Modelling as a tool in environmental monitoring - Ragnhild Lundmark Daae


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