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Biotech product development

Welcome to the The Life Science Cluster Network meeting


Forskningsparken, Oslo
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Welcome to the Biotech Product Development meeting hosted by SINTEF and the Life Science Cluster on October 24th!
Learn what it takes to develop a successful biotech product from industry and research leaders.
Speakers from SINTEF, Algipharma, Pharmaq, SpermVital and the Research Council of Norway will share their knowledge. Hear their success stories and learn about development capabilities and opportunities.

  • Registration at 14:30
    Networking & snacks
  • Welcome & Introduction
    Hanne Haslene-Hox & Anna Nordborg, SINTEF Biotechnology and nanomedicine
    Marius Øgaard, TLSC
  • SINTEF – A wide range of biotech development capabilities
    Håvard Sletta, Research manager, SINTEF
  • Alginate – from seaweed to a medicine for cystic fibrosis patients
    Arne Dessen, Algipharma
  • LouseOff – Development of a vaccine against sea lice
    Karine Lindmo Yttredal, Pharmaq
  • Microbubbles and nanoparticles for drug delivery – the importance of protecting your idea
    Yrr Mørch, senior researcher, SINTEF Biotechnology and Nanomedicine
  • SpermVital from idea to product - biology and technology
    Nils Christian Steig, SpermVital
  • From idea to innovation – funding opportunities
    Øystein Rønning, Special adviser, The Research Council of Norway
  • Closing comments
  • Tapas and networking
    Refreshments, tapas and great company!

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