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Workshop on Cyber Safety, Security and Resilience of Critical Energy Infrastructures

This event offers an updated and to-the-point focus on the pressing cyber challenges and solutions regarding critical energy infrastructures, including the potential impact on industrial control systems.


Radisson Blu Scandinavia Hotel, Oslo
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The overarching issues are digital vulnerability at large and proactive strategies of defense encompassing public as well as industrial actors. The specific focus of the workshop is the offshore oil and gas sector as well as energy/electricity distribution.

The workshop comprises two days, starting with an open seminar with presentations on Day 1, June 21.

Day 2, June 22, will be a dedicated workshop with limited participation, devoted to a more in-depth and collaborative investigation of the critical issues for the offshore oil and gas sector, and for energy/electricity distribution.

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Holbergsgate 30,0166 Oslo, Norway