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Conference workshop – Sustainability of forest bioenergy

Phasing off fossil fuels is mandatory to achieve ambitious climate change mitigation. Forest resources can be managed to enhance the transition to a bioeconomy.


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During the 24th European Biomass Confernce & Exhibition (EUBCE 2016), CenBio organises a workshop.

The workshop present and discuss research in the field of technology improvements, integrated value chain analysis, climate change impacts and policy instruments for enabling a sustainable and cost-efficient bioeconomy.

Due to its abundant forest resource base, Scandinavia in general, and Norway in particular, stands in a unique position to contribute to growth in the supply of forest-based biomass. However, increasing the supply of forest bioenergy is not without risk. It involves intensified management and there are concerns that this may have adverse effects on ecosystem and climate regulation services. At the same time, we need technological advancements to use resource more efficiently. Procuring an additional supply of wood for use as bioenergy will also result in some market-mediated indirect effects.

Workshop host
The workshop is hosted by CenBio – the Norwegian Bioenergy Innovation Centre. The research centre is one of eleven Norwegian Research Centres for Environmentally friendly Energy, and aims at enabling sustainable and cost-efficient bioenergy industry in Norway. In CenBio, researchers address the entire value chains of virgin biomass and biodegradable waste fractions, including production, harvesting and transportation, conversion to heat and power, and upgrading residues to valuable products.


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