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How to pave the road into the renewable future: Electricity market analyses and policy implications for 2020-2030

The first part of the event will focus on few quantitative assessments of the post 2020 evolution of the Target Model (TM), including: market performance of energy only, capacity remuneration and renewable energy sources (RES) support schemes; short-term operational impacts of the timing of markets and RES support schemes; impact of renewables support mechanism on incentive for demand-response deployment.


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The second part of the event will deal with RES penetration under the current Target Model. Amongst other topics, this session will deal with the impacts of demand flexibility with different RES shares as well as with the transition from Feed-in-Tariffs to market-based schemes. Speakers will include Sintef (Norway), Technofi (France), the Energy Economics Group of the University of Wien (Austria), RTE (France) and WindEurope (Belgium).

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Thon Hotel, Rue de la Loi 75, B-1040 Bruxelles