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Climate Psychology: How to build public support for climate policy

The Nordic CCS Summer School is arranged for the second time this year, now we include lectures that are open to the general public.


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Lecturer: Per Espen Stoknes, BI Norway

Educated as a psychologist at the University of Oslo, Per Espen has a also studied organizational theory, philosophy and mythology. He has worked both as a clinical psychologist and organizational psychologist and holds a senior lecturer position at BI Norwegian School of Management. Works now with scenario based strategy for organisations and teach a two-year ExA Coaching program at NIKUT – ExA Institute of Norway.

  • Published three books in Norwegian.
  • Published Money and Soul, the psychology of money and the transformation of capitalism.

Research areas
Climate and environmental strategies, economic psychology and energy systems.

Teaching areas
Climate strategy, scenarios, foresight and corporate strategy, team development, behavioral economics

About Nordic CCS Summer School 2015
The course will cover the complete CCS chain from capture, transport and storage to framework issues such as financing, public acceptance, political and legal issues. Lectures will be given on all these topics by distinguished lecturers from the Nordic countries.
Se the Summer School website.

If you want to attend this lecture, please send an email to Marit Jagtøyen Mazzetti.



Høgskoleringen 6b, Trondheim