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The NORDBATT 2 conference will be hosted in Trondheim, Norway on the 2-3 December by NTNU and SINTEF.


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The Nordic Battery Conference (NORDBATT) provides the opportunity to review the most recent advances in battery science from materials development to cell electrochemistry and battery utilization for a range of applications.

In addition, it provides the basis for a Nordic platform in which industrial representatives and scientists meet to communicate the needs of industry along with novel ideas which inspire scientific breakthroughs and technological advances for electrochemical energy storage solutions.

The conference takes place over two days with both oral presentations made by leaders in the field of battery research and industrial representatives along with poster sessions in which more informal discussions concerning the latest research are facilitated. Keynote speakers include Dr. Petr Novak, Professor at Paul Sherrer Institute (ETH – Zurich), Switzerland and Dr. M. Saiful Islam, Professor at University of Bath, UK.

NORDBATT Conferense


Realfagbygget, Høgskoleringen 5