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Climate Changes

The Nordic CCS Summer School is arranged for the second time this year, now we include lectures that are open to the general public.


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Lecturer: Kikki Kleiven, University of Bergen

Associate Professor, Department of Earth Science at University of Bergen and Board of directors at Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

Research Interests:
Thetic Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Immigration Status & Nationality, Postcolonial Theory, Citizenship, Continental Philosophy, Geology, and Climate Change

is the study of the history of the oceans in the geologic past with regard to circulation, chemistry, biology, geology and patterns of sedimentation and biological productivity. Paleoceanographic studies using environment models and different proxies enable the scientific community to assess the role of the oceanic processes in the global climate by the re-construction of past climate at various intervals. Paleoceanographic research is also intimately tied to paleoclimatology.

About Nordic CCS Summer School 2015
The course will cover the complete CCS chain from capture, transport and storage to framework issues such as financing, public acceptance, political and legal issues. Lectures will be given on all these topics by distinguished lecturers from the Nordic countries.
Se the Summer School website.

If you want to attend this lecture, please send an email to Marit Jagtøyen Mazzetti.



Høgskoleringen 6b, Trondheim