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SecDevOpsTwin: A SecDevOps Digital Twin approach for business continuity across IoT-Edge-Cloud infrastructure.

This MSc thesis aims at developing an approach based on an existing modern Digital Twin (DT) combines the simulation of the physical twin and the continuous collection of real-time data from the physical twin for real-time monitoring of the systems, timely analysis of data, and the dynamic adaptation to reduce or prevent downtimes.

Photo. Lars Andreas Berg, SINTEF

Short description

It is important to support the resilience of European critical services in the face of advanced cyber-physical threats, through holistic business continuity risk management and control in operation. Digital twin approach based on enhanced SecDevOps can drastically improve critical services resilience.

Master Project

This is a long thesis.

Research Topic focus

Some possible directions: Dynamic context policy-based fleet management for self-adaptive software systems; Continuous deployment to facilitate the SecDevOps of the DT solutions; DevOps processes of customization tasks.

Expected Results and Learning Outcome

A sound approach, a good prototype, documentation of experiments.


Good knowledge in Software Engineering, good programming skills.
Knowledge about DevOps, Security, cloud software is a plus.


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