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Wetting laboratory

In our unique wetting laboratory, we have competence on investigating interactions between liquid and solid materials at high temperatures. It is vital for the progress of metallurgical processes to further improve the understanding of reactions taking place at high temperatures.

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We work with mechanism studies of wetting, coating, softening, melting, casting, refining, foaming in electrolytic baths, Al production, Si/FeSi production, FeMn production, glass production etc. The advantage of our wetting laboratory is the state-of-the-art visualization of high temperature behaviour, which gives us chance to look inside the 'black box'.

The laboratory is equipped with two lab scale sessile drop furnaces with high resolution cameras. Both are capable of:

  • Providing results for evaluation of wetting properties, sample geometry, volume expansion, softening and melting temperatures, as well as reaction kinetics.
  • Logging of data such as pressure, time, temperature, gas flow, gas species, oxygen partial pressure, heating power.
  • Online pictures and video, and post processing of pictures and films.

Characteristics of the furnaces

  • Furnace 1: Low vacuum 10E-3 mbar, inert and reductive gases CO, CO2, Ar, temperature up to 1800 °C, sample less than 10mm in diameter.
  • Furnace 2: High vacuum 10E-5 mbar, extra clean inert and reductive gases CO, CO2, Ar, H2, temperature up to 1800 °C, sample less than 10mm in diameter. Furnace is particularly good for investigation of oxygen sensitive materials, i.e., aluminum.

Please download our roll-up for the Wetting Laboratory

Contact information

Visitting address: Alfred Getz vei 2, Trondheim