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Tribology laboratory

Tribology is the multidisciplinary science on wear, friction and lubrication of interacting surfaces in relative motion. Research in tribology is often highly dependent on the final application. The mission of the Tribology Lab at SINTEF/NTNU is to adapt our knowledge and equipment to our clients’ needs.

Contact person

Tribology at SINTEF, Sergio Armada Nieto

Standard testing:

  • ASTM G65: Measuring abrasion using the dry sand/rubber wheel apparatus.
  • ASTM G73: Liquid impingement erosion test.
  • ASTM G77: Sliding wear using block on ring wear test.
  • ASTM G99: Wear testing with a pin-on-disk apparatus.
  • ASTM G105: Wet sand/rubber wheel abrasion test.
  • ASTM D4060: Abrasion resistance of organic coatings by the Taber Abraser.

Customized testing
Standard tests do not always satisfy our clients' needs. The Tribology Lab continuously works on offering new test equipment able to simulate the final application more realistically. Some examples include:

Tribocorrosion tests

  • Corrosion and wear in riser tensioner piston rods in offshore applications.

In situ tribology

  • Analysis of contact area between sapphire and any counterpart by interferometry.

Helicopter Test Rigg

The rig is located at SINTEF Multiphase Flow Laboratory  (

Contact information

Tribology laboratory

Visiting address: Tillerbruvegen 200, NO-7092 Trondheim