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Thermal-mechanical simulation laboratory

Our Thermal-Mechanical Simulation laboratory offers state of the art technology for experimental and thermal-mechanical testing of metallic samples. The physical simulation system provides desired versatility and capacity to simulate thermal, mechanical and environmental stresses that industrial applications may get exposed to.

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Our thermal-mechanical physical simulation system can be used for a wide variety of thermal and mechanical processes that reproduces the stresses a material is exposed to during production and/or in-service use. The physical simulation includes thermal cycles related to welding and brazing, including direct resistance heating, cooling and holding a steady-state equilibrium temperature with high accuracy (± 1°C). The system’s flexibility allows for great variety of mechanical testing and simulations for several specimen geometries. 

  • Tensile- and compression testing 
  • Thermal/mechanical fatigue  
  • Melting and solidification 
  • Thermal cycling/heat treatment 
  • Creep/stress rupture 

Some/examples of production processes that can be simulated are: 

  • Extrusion 
  • Quenching 
  • Powder metallurgy/sintering 
  • Heat treating 
  • Brazing 
  • Weld HAZ cycles 


  • Gleeble 3800-GTC 

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Vidar Hjelmen