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Molten Salt and Electrolysis Lab

Molten salts includes fluorides, chlorides and carbonates melts for use in several electrochemical processes. Aluminium electrolysis is the predominant field of work but also electrowinning of Titanium, Iron, Magnesium, Silicon and Rare Earth Metals (REM) covers our research activities. Recently our research activity also cover recycling and electro refining of critical materials (REE elements mainly). Liquid metal battery for future storage of renewable energy is another field of research.

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Molten salt and electrolysis laboratory at SINTEF. Photo:SINTEF/ Melinda Gaal

The laboratory consist of several high temperature furnaces with advanced electrochemical equipment including gas analysis instrumentation.


  • Furnaces in several dimensions and capacities. Max temp 1800 °C
  • Crucible capacity up to 6 kg
  • Several power supplies, maximum 3 kA
  • Potentiostats for electrochemical measurements and analysis of reaction mechanism.
  • GC and GC/MS – Gas chromatography (mass spectroscopy) and FT-IR for gas analysis.
  • Glove boxes
  • Glove box including furnace

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Visiting address: Sem Sælandsvei 2A, Trondheim

Contact person: Egil Skybakmoen, Mobil: 982 83 965, Epost: