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Model Production

The models to be tested in the hydrodynamic laboratories at SINTEF Ocean are manufactured in our engineering workshop. In production of both hull- and propeller models, high accuracy and use of skilled experienced people are of the utmost importance.

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Bilde av modellene som lages på MARINTEK

To improve accuracy together with reduction in production time, we have recently installed a new 5-axis milling machine type Belotti MDL 12070. This machine can also be split in two parts – one active and one passive – where in the active part a model is being milled while in the passive part a model is being prepared for milling. Due to the dimensions and the capacity of this machine, we can also offer milling of plugs and molds for the manufacturers of small crafts and other industries.

The propeller models together with models of different propulsion units (azimuth thrusters, water jets etc.) are mainly manufactured in the 5 – axis Matec HV-30 milling machine installed in 2008 or in the smaller Bridgeport 3 - axis milling machine installed in 1995. In addition, an Objet Eden 500 3D-printer was installed in 2010 where appendices and detailed model equipment are produced.

Propellers made by MARINTEK

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