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Mixed-Reality Laboratory

The Mixed-Reality lab provides an environment for developing, testing, and show-casing mixed-reality software with access to high-precision motion capture cameras.

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Mixed Reality (MR) is the concept of combining a virtual and physical reality in a way that they interact and supplement each other, either using a mobile device or head-mounted glasses. The resulting synergies can greatly aid the user in performing their tasks for a wide range of applications in different domains. The use of MR-technology has gained traction over the last few years in industry, education, medicine, research, etc., as the devices and software are becoming increasingly available.

The lab combines high-precision motion-capturing cameras with the MR-devices which unlocks an unlimited number of use-cases in data visualisation and data interaction where precise localisation is key. Furthermore, it provides an environment for testing and developing methods for localisation outside of labs.

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