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Metallographic laboratory

In the metallographic laboratory we do extraction, preparation and characterization of metallic samples.

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We work with a broad range of metals from ordinary steel and iron to more advanced materials such as magnesium and titanium. We have tools and equipment for extraction of samples from both small and large metal pieces, and state-of-the-art equipment for sample preparation for examination of metals in optical microscopes and electron microscopes (SEM/TEM).

The laboratory is also equipped with instruments for hardness measurements, surface roughness measurements and conductivity measurements. Our optical microscope park includes stereo microscopes, metal microscopes and hot stage microscope.

We have access to modern heat treatment facilities for sample sizes ranging from grams to tonnes, temperatures from cryogenic to 2500 Celsius and atmospheres from high vacuum to inert and reactive gases.

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Visiting address:
Alfred Getz vei 2B, Trondheim Norway

Contact person:
Birgitte Sofie Karlsen
+47 98 28 39 75