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Metallographic characterization laboratory

In the characterization laboratory we have strong expertise in metallographic characterization of steel, aluminum and other metals and alloys. The laboratory is located very close to the mechanical/fracture mechanical laboratory, the corrosion laboratory (CorLab), the welding laboratory and the workshop.

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Characterization of microstructures.
Characterization of microstructures.

The laboratory supports different testing labs through:

  • Positioning of test samples (e.g., sub-sized fracture mechanics samples from HAZ, fusion line or weld metal)
  • Positioning of notches and fatigue pre-cracks (corrosion and mechanical/fracture mechanical testing)
  • General documentation of weldments
    • Macrophoto
    • Macro hardness measurements as mentioned above (to obtain information on maximum hardness and hardness distribution information)
    • Weld defects (cracks, porosity, lack of fusion/penetration, inclusions/slag, undercuts, etc.) and built up of individual beads/layers
    • Brittle fracture initiation
    • Initiation of corrosion attacks

In addition, the laboratory is equipped with microscopes used for

  • Quantitative microstructure analyses
    • Solidification microstructure (dendritic, cellular, etc.)
    • Volume fractions of phases (examples are martensite-austenite, M-A, constituents in welding of structural steel, formation of sigma phase in duplex stainless steel, etc.)
    • Ferrite content and austenite spacing in duplex stainless steel
    • Grain size
  • Microhardness measurements to achieve information on local properties of inhomogeneous materials
  • Damage and failure analyses
  • Characterization of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and sulphides stress cracking (SSC)

The following equipment is available:

  • Cutting machines
  • Hot mounting press and cold mounting systems
  • Grinding and polishing equipment
  • Equipment for electrolytic polishing and etching
  • Stereo microscope
  • Light optical microscope with fully motorized stand
  • Micro hardness tester with test force of 5 kgf to 500 gf
  • Hardness tester with test force of 200 gf to 30 kgf. The test cycle is fully motorised.

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Visiting address:
Richard Birkelandsvei 1, Trondheim Norway

Elin Pettersen, Mobil: 993 84 798, Epost: