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LIBS for Liquid Aluminium Analysis – (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy)

The LP-LIBS™ (Liquid Phase Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy), supplied by Icelandic company DTE, is used to analyse and determine liquid metal composition of aluminium melts.

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The instrument uses high-energy laser pulse on the surface of the melt to generate a high temperature plasma that is analysed to reveal the melt composition.

This online instrument gives the melt composition in real time and is excellent for both getting the alloy compositions before casting as well as changes in composition during holding time or during alloying.

A 16 kW induction furnace is provided to quickly establish the wanted analysis temperature.

Field of use

Chemical composition of molten aluminium as a function of time, temperature, and process changes. Enabling studies in oxidation, alloying, refining and formation of primary particles.

Also, possible to use with solid aluminium samples.


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Visiting address:
Alfred Getz' vei 2B, Trondheim, Norway

Anne Kvithyld,
Phone: +47 93 03 31 04,