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Flume tank in Hirtshals

The core products in our flume tank are research projects and commercial testing of trawls and trawl doors, as well as marine aquaculture facilities. Numerous trawls and fish cages have over the years been tested here, and fishermen and net manufacturers have learned to optimize the use of their gear. Also most new developments and selectivity devices have had a round in the flume tank before they went to sea, for the final tests.

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The flume tank has been upgraded continuously and stands today as a very versatile test facility. A recent installation of a modern 3D measuring video rig completes the setup, ideal for projects where an accurate real time measurement of the dynamics of a fish cage, trawl or trawldoor, or any other sub-sea  structures are needed.

Net manufacturers and fishing companies from all over the world knows the flume tank and the value of the services. But the expertise housed also encompass services for other branches of marine industries:  test of sub-sea templates and pipelines for the  off-shore oil and gas industries, test of ROV's for inspection and surveillance etc.

Furthermore, the flume tank is also very suitable for demonstration of equipment, as it allows for unique under-water view of its behaviour in currents, waves or combinations hereof. For this reason, manufacturers also invite costumers to the flume tank to illustrate their products in realistic conditions. The flume tank has seating for 60+ visitors. This also makes the facility highly valuable for training and course activities.

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Kurt Hansen

Kurt Hansen

Senior Research Scientist Havbruk

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