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Energy and Machinery Laboratory

The laboratory is amongst the best equipped independent engine laboratories in Scandinavia. Well developed installations with highly specialized experimental equipment, instrumentation and dataacquisition systems, and an experienced staff are crucial assets in provision of professional customized support to our clients.

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Energy-/Machinery laboratory

We have in-house workshop capabilities for making customized engine components or modifying existing components and systems in order to improve performance.


  • Test area foundation for rigs, process equipment and full scale set-up.
  • Engines and auxiliary machinery.
  • Exhaust gas cleaning systems.
  • Fuel treatment and combustion technology.
  • Instrumentation for laboratory and on-site use.

Engine research and development

  • Diesel engines.
  • Dual fuel/gas engines.
  • Prototype testing (long term testing).

Exhaust gas cleaning systems research

  • Particle matter reduction efficiency.
  • Nitrogen oxide reduction efficiency.
  • Sulphur oxide reduction efficiency.

Fuel combustion

  • Testing of fuels on behalf of oil companies and ship owners.
  • Testing of alternative fuels (e.g. LNG, biofuels, hydrogen).
  • Testing effects on combustion of fuel treatment.

Verification services, basis in measurement competence

  • Field measurement of exhaust emissions on ships.
  • Field mapping of NOx emissions, gas turbines.
  • Verification of efficiency of NOx reduction measures.

Various concept developments and testing

  • Comparison studies of instrumentation for aequal employment.
  • Power and fuel consumption measurements.
  • Field measurement of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Instrument testing for monitoring separators and offshore valves.
  • Ballast water treatment system.

The laboratory is jointly operated by SINTEF Ocean and The Institute of Marine Technology at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU),

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Contact information: 

Anders Valland