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Chemistry Laboratory

The Chemistry Laboratory provides services within inorganic and organic analysis of building products and building materials.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of building materials and work closely with other departments in SINTEF. We undertake both field tests and laboratory tests.

We have expertise in:

Chemical material analysis in the rehabilitation of historic buildings

  • Composition of mortar, masonry, and plaster
  • Paint analyzes
  • Assessment of suitability

Chemical material analysis in condition and damage analyzes

  • Material identification
  • Comparison of materials
  • Chloride content

Characterization of building products and building materials

  • Leaching of metals from products in contact with drinking water. The tests are performed according to both Norwegian and international standards.
  • Voltage corrosion of copper alloys
  • Galvanization of copper alloys
  • Leakage from recycled materials

Products that can be tested

Mortar, plaster, masonry, paint, building products, building materials

Contact information

The Laboratory is located at Forskningsveien 3B Oslo.