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Thomas Sauder

Senior Research Scientist

Senior researcher and project manager working with hydrodynamics and dynamical behaviour of ocean structures. I work in particular with the following topics: nonlinear hydrodynamic loads and mooring systems, floating wind turbines, and floating wind parks with shared mooring. I have experience with numerical methods, experimental methods, and have been driving the development of cyber-physical testing at SINTEF Ocean. I am currently leading the CYBERLAB project (NFR/KPN/2022-2025).


MSc - Ecole Centrale de Lyon/Mechanical engineering
MSc - NTNU/Marine structures
PhD - NTNU/Marine Cybernetics

Competence and research areas

offshore structures; floating wind turbines; hydrodynamics; cybernetics; mooring; shared mooring; wind-assisted propulsion; wave loads; cyber-physical testing




Contact info

Visiting address:
Paul Fjermstads vei 59