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Térence Coudert

Senior Research Scientist

Terence Coudert is a senior research scientist in the group Material- and Structural Mechanics in SINTEF Industry since 2009. With a background in computational solid mechanics and an expertise in software development, the transfer of technology is his main contribution at SINTEF; provide and deliver numerical tools and toolbox for the industry partners in various projects like metals and impact mechanics, or structural well integrity for geothermal energy.


PhD: 3D digitization of a shoe interior volume, fitting properties evaluation, University of Savoie and CTC, France, 2005.
Master in theoretical mechanics, University of Savoie, Annecy, France, 2002.

Competence and research areas

Material modelling using non-linear finite element analysis and using an experimental/numerical comparison approach.
Technology transfer from Academia Research to Industry R&D and production, using skills in professional software development.
Certified SCRUM Master, 2012.


Contact info

Visiting address:
Richard Birkelands vei 2 B