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Sandra Klonteig

Master of Science

Has an interdisciplinary interest in health and technology. Is affiliated with the institute of Health at SINTEF Digital in the group "e-health and innovation". This group researches people, health systems, services, actors and technologies to achieve better health and quality of life in the population and good and effective health and care services. She has previously worked at Oslo University Hospital as a research assistant, and at Blakstad mental hospital as an environmental therapist.


Two bachelor's of Science: Informatcics and psychology. Masters degree in cognitive neuroscience. PhD candidate in engineering science, with project on technology and mental health.

Competence and research areas

Competence in informatics and psychology with specialization in cognitive neuroscience. Research interests and topics includes mental health, development, aging, substance use, sleep and memory. Specialized in research methods in neuroscience (EEG, tACS, fMRI) and human-computer interaction (User-centered design). Statistical programs include R, SPSS, MATLAB and Python.



Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1