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Richard H Heyn

Chief Scientist

After my education in the United States and a few years in industry in Norway, I started at SINTEF in 1998. I started working in the field of carbon dioxide capture and utilization (CCU) in 2000. I am currently coordinator of two EU projects. I have been involved in the European private-public partnership SPIRE (now Processes4Planet) since 2013, and I am currently vice-chair for Circularity Innovation in the Advisory and Programming Group.


B.Sc. (cum laude) Univ. of Chicago (USA) 1983
Ph. D. organometallic chemistry, Univ. California, San Diego (USA) 1992
Postdoc Indiana Univ. (USA) 1992-1994
Postdoc Univ. Windsor (Canada) 1994

Competence and research areas

Organometallic and coordination chemistry and homogeneous catalysis
Carbon dioxide capture and utilization (CCU)
Sustainable chemistry and circular carbon processes

Contact info

Visiting address:
Forskningsveien 1