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Gro Sagli Baarholm

Senior Research Scientist

Gro Sagli Baarholm
Energy and Transport


M.Sc. Department of Marine Hydrodynamics, Marine Technology, the Norwegian Institute of Technology (NTH), Trondheim, Norway. (1990 - 1994)
Ph.D. Department of Marine Structures, Marine Technology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway (1995 - 2000)

Competence and research areas

Statistical treatment of measured (full scale and model scale) and simulated data
Systematization and automatization of large simulation matrices/treatment of large amounts of data using programming/scripting
Broad experience with software tools for global response analysis of marine structures (slender and fixed) and dynamic analysis
Vortex-induced vibrations (VIV)
Software development (Fortran) and software support (SIMA)
project management

Contact info

Visiting address:
Jonsvannsveien 82