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Federico Zenith

Senior Research Scientist

Most of my time at SINTEF is currently spent leading two large EU projects, Haeolus and StasHH.
I have accumulated significant experience in leading diverse and distributed research teams for a total budget in excess of 30 million €.
Awarded the 2021 Agnew/Goodall award by IMechE.

I still enjoy doing research myself, and then Python is one of my favourite tools.


Phd from NTNU Trondheim in control of fuel cells (2007).
MSc from Politecnico di Milano and NTNU Trondheim in Chemical Engineering (2002).

Competence and research areas

Dynamic modelling and control of electrochemical systems.
Techno-economic analysis of hydrogen and zero-emission energy systems.
Single-train simulations for calculation of energy demand profiles.
Programming competence in Python, C, C++, Modelica, LabVIEW, Git, MySQL, LaTeX.



Contact info

Visiting address:
Klæbuveien 153