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Arne Lie

Senior Research Scientist

Arne was born and raised in Trondheim. He is married to Heidi, and has two children. His hobby interests include music and photography.

He has been employed as a researcher at SINTEF since 1990, but had a summer job at ELAB already in the years 1987-1989. Since 2011, he has been a senior researcher. He has been project manager in various projects since 1991, with clients such as Telenor (Televerket), Inmarsat, NetCom, Lærdal medical, TechnipFMC, Statnett, and EDA.


Arne has his Master of Science from NTH 1989, Dept. of electronics- and computer technology. His master thesis was addressing digital modulation technics, where waveform spectrum qualities were derived theoretically and verified by DSP implementation. After working in SINTEF since 1990, he started as a PhD candidate at NTNU in 2001. His Dr. Ing (PhD) thesis focusing on adaptive video streaming was defended at the Institute of Telematics in 2008.

Competence and research areas

Arne has studied and has working experience in both wired and wireless communication. Regarding the former, powerline communication for the offshore market has been one of his main activities in SINTEF since 1999. He has competence in digital modulation (layer 1), but also on DL/MAC, routing, and transport layer (layer 2-4). In wireless domain he has experience in Bluetooth, 3GPP, military and underwater communication. He has significant knowledge in simulations and embedded programming.




Contact info

Visiting address:
Strindvegen 4