The CRIOP methodology step by step - suggested agenda

If the scope of the CRIOP Analysis is around 4 days, our suggestions are to use the agenda below. The participants in the meeting should not be changed. The meeting should be planned to last 4 days or two times 2 days, to support the group process. In advance of the meeting it should be made clear why the CRIOP analysis is taking place, and the scope of the analysis. In advance of the meeting the project team should identify and describe 2 to 3 (or 4) important scenarios to be elaborated in the Scenario Analysis. The agenda:

Day 1:

  • Introduction of Participants
  • Description of Scope and challenges
  • Walk trough of Checklist 1 to 3

Day 2:

  • Walk trough of Checklist 4 to 6
  • Agreement on Recommendations

Day 3:

  • Summary of Recommendations so far
  • Walk trough of Scenario 1-2

Day 4:

  • Walk trough of Scenario 3
  • Agreement on Recommendations

Published August 25, 2011



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen