The CRIOP methodology step by step - practical considerations

An excellent design and operation of a control room is dependent on interaction between personnel with different backgrounds. A CRIOP analysis is focusing on the interaction between man, technology and organisation. The aim of the analysis is to support the operator by enabling her/him to maintain the necessary level of safety during various operational modes and crisis situations. The CRIOP analysis gathers personnel from different fields of expertise. We want to optimise the use of knowledge and experience from each participant during the CRIOP group process. One important issue to support this is to employ a CRIOP leader with good understanding of group processes and knowledge related to human factor issues.

The output of this section will be:

  • Distribute introductory information and the relevant documentation to the attendees before attending the analysis
  • Arrange satisfactory physical conditions of the meeting room (enough size, useful equipment for graphical presentations, enough workplace for each attendee, good room climate)
  • Perform briefing,
  • Perform the CRIOP analysis, and
  • Perform debriefing as suggested

Published August 25, 2011



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen