The CRIOP methodology step by step - general analysis

The aim of this section is to describe the principles behind the checklists in CRIOP, how the checklists should be used and present the checklists.
The checklists used in the General Analysis concern factors affecting the control centre’s ability to handle abnormal situations that are not related to a specific sequence of events.

Several checklists for control centres have been published in regulations, standards and guidelines, but there is a lack of an overall balanced checklist. Thus the objective of CRIOP has been to combine the relevant material in a “best practice” checklist. You can read more about the relation to different standards under "The CRIOP Report."

The output of this section will be:

  • Checklist filled out
  • Weak points
  • Recommendations

Published August 25, 2011

General analysis


Follow GA checklists

Document GA results

Scenario analysis



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen