The CRIOP methodology

In this section we have made a step by step presentation of the CRIOP methodology. The presentation is illustrated through a work-process diagram. You navigate the flow chart by pressing the activities. To return to a higher level, press the back button on the flow chart menu bar.

The CRIOP process consists of four major work tasks:

  • Prepare and organize
  • General Analysis
  • Scenario Analysis
  • Implementation and follow up


The CRIOP checklists

Below you can download the CRIOP report with the full-length checklists of the general analysis and the scenario analysis. The method is freely available as Creative Commons (CC) 4.0 BY.

The CRIOP handbook


Published June 24, 2011

Carry out a CRIOP analysis

Prepare and organize

General analysis

Scenario analysis

Implementation and follow up

CRIOP analysis carried out



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