CRIOP is open, free and available method developed through financing from the research council in Norway. The method is freely available as Common Clause (CC) 4.0 BY.

CRIOP is the leading methodology to verify and validate the ability of a control center to safely and effectively handle all modes of operations including start up, normal operations, maintenance and revision maintenance, process disturbances, safety critical situations and shut down.

The methodology can be applied to central control rooms, driller's cabins, cranes and other types of cabins, onshore, offshore and emergency control rooms. The attached booklet gives a short description of the method, see: Criop booklet A5.

The methodology is based on several standards and was in 1997 recommended as a preferred methodology in NORSOK S-002.

Criop is maintained through Forum for Human Factors in Control Systems, HFC forum, and membership information can be found by following this link: www.sintef.no/hfc

Control room on Kvitebjørn. Photo: Øyvind Hagen



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen