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HFC - Human Factors in Control is a professional network for people working with human factors (HF - Human Factors), see our leaflet. HF areas are organizational factors, cognitive factors, and physical ergonomics.

We arrange two conferences every year and work on developing standards for HF. We also arrange yearly courses within human factors together with course connectivity with other institutions. Examples of Human factors, in selective attention test.

We also have connection to and discussions for them related to the research area human factors. We are connected to the Human Factor and Ergonomics Society via HFES Europe Chapter. Another much used HF checklist/method has been CRIOP, look at the CRIOP brochure.

Meeting schedule/News:

Attendance by students/HF Emeritus are free (up to six students). The principle is "first come - first served". If the students want to participate at the evening dinner, they have to pay for that.

Responsible project manager HFC: