MAS - Meaningful Human Control of digitalization in safety critical systems - tasks and results

MAS - Project description

Key results from the project:

* Updated CRIOP
* Methods for identifying safety-critical tasks (and operational barrier elements)
* Identify good principles for people-centered design

1)     Learning from accidents and incidents in automated and remote operated systems.  (Journal paper of key issues from incidents in automated and remotely operated systems - and repository of relevant papers as a part of a knowledge web)

2)     Review of safety challenges and practices of design of safety critical control systems (automation/remote op.)) (Journal paper with suggestions for best practices of design of safety critical systems and a repository of relevant papers and standards as a part of a knowledge web)

3)     Review of successful design, implementation and operation of automation and remote control, including successful recoveries. (Two Journal articles, one documenting key elements of successful practices of automation (and resilience) and one documenting experiences of remote operations)

4)     Compile and analyse current practices, systematization and structuring of design standards, guidelines and regulation related to automation, and remote operations. (Open Access book with ten chapters (safety challenges, best practices in design, best practices of automation and remote operations, agile user Centered processes,suggested analyses techniques, essential guidelines in automation...)  Methodology describing sensemaking in safety critical task analysis 

5)     Assess practice in use of CRIOP and improve the CRIOP method  (Updated CRIOP method; and validate use by external users )