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HFC's activities and events such as HFC is hosting, will be in compliance with all relevant legislation, including - but not limited to - competition law, and in accordance with SINTEF's ethical guidelines.

- Den europeiske erklæring om forskere (charter and Code)
- Ethics - SINTEF's guidelines for business activities

To be a member you must pay a membership fee. It is per year, without tax*:

  • 25 000 - 50 000 for businesses with more then 15 employees (covers 3 participants) depending on size and scope
  • 12 500 for less than 15 employees (covers 2 participants)
  •   6 500 kr per meeting for non-employees (and excess participants)


An important purpose of HFC is to establish a professional network of participants with tel. number, e-mail addresses and company information so that the participants and other stakeholders can contact each other or HF experts - and thereby further develop the professional network and knowledge about HF.

Those who participate in the HFC meetings are asked whether it is OK for us to save the participants' names, e-mail, company and telephone number for information via the WEB and for storage and sending via contact lists. Names can be removed if desired by sending a message to with the text Fjern/Remove.

Fill in and return the scheme to:

HFC forum at Safety Research
Postbox 4760 Torgarden
N-7465 Trondheim

We have established "Human Factors Guidelines for the design of CCTV-systems" and a litterature review,. Available to all members of HFC free of charge - by sending an eMail to .
There is collaboration with ISO 11064 to incorporate the CCTV guidelines into the ISO standards.

* Fees for participation in conferences distributing information and sharing experience is subject to VAT in Norway. (Since the participants can take part in debates and analysis of specific issues this is not classified as teaching/courses). See the attached report (in norwegian).

Published March 27, 2023

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