Certification of HF competence
Formal certification programs in human factors, we found:
  • Centre for Registration of European Ergonomists (CREE), see eurerg.eu. Closer description:
    • "The title European Ergonomist (Eur.Erg) is a professional certification following a peer review process covering education, supervised training and professional work. The title is the only one recognised in Europe by the International Ergonomics Association for professional ergonomists. The minimum requirements for registration as a European Ergonoist cover the following components: Education: (Three years at university level, at least one of which is dedicated to ergonomics.) Supervised training: (At least one year.) Professional experience: (Two years following supervised training.) The title European Ergonomist (Eur. Erg.) will be granted to a candidate who provides satisfactory evidence of all three components.
  • Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics / BCPE see www.bcpe.org. Closer description:
    • Established in 1990 as an independent nonprofit organgization, the BCPE is the certifying body for individuals whose education and experience indicate broad expertise in the practice of human factors/ergonomics. To date over 1500 professionals have succesfully met BCPE's certification criteria. This scheme is supported by HFES and IEF.

Published November 22, 2012

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