The CRIOP methodology step by step - establish the analysis group

It is important that the analysis group consists of personnel who cover the different areas of interest, so that it has the necessary expertise. If not, the crux of the matter may be overlooked.

A typical analysis group consists of the following personnel:

  • Two (ideally three) control room operators; at least one operator should be a senior with long experience. (preferably they have different experience and background)
  • An instrument engineer
  • A process engineer
  • A facilitator with good understanding of human factors issues, preferably a human factors specialist
  • Meeting reporter – scriber with good understanding of human factors issues, to document issues and points from the analysis

The analysis group should contain or be lead by a person with experience in human factor issues. The leader should be familiar with the CRIOP method and responsible for steering discussions, keeping time schedules, etc. The leader should be an independent trusted third party to insure a good impartial process.

Published August 25, 2011



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen