FME CINELDI – Annual Report 2020

The Year of Flexibility

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CINELDI enables a cost-efficient realisation of the future flexible and robust electricity distribution system by developing new concepts, technologies and solutions.


Our contribution to a more sustainable world

Electrification of society may provide more than 30 % of the potential CO2 emission reductions. It is therefore highlighted as one of the most important climate actions world-wide. Our work supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals shown above.

2020 by numbers

42 partners, 8 years, 400 MNOK

224 presentations, 140 journal papers and conference papers, 36 videos, 96 blog and media 112 key researchers, 4 visiting researchers, 35 master's students, 9 associated PhDs, 19 PhDs financed by HighEFF, 5 postdoctorial researchers financed by HighEFF

A selection of CINELDI's innovations

CINELDI has developed a method for cybersecurity risk analysis that can improve security of supply.
A new planning framework that can reduce costs of active distribution grids.
A new power share charging system for electric vehicles.
A tool for testing physical components in real-time simulations of complex power systems.
109 mini scenarios have been developed for improved decision-making in the future distribution grid.


Why CINELDI's research is unique

Icon depicting process
Four years have passed since the first seeds of CINELDI, one of the world's largest research centre on Smart Grids, were sowed. The centre's work is only half complete, but we are already seeing the first fruits.

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FME CINELDI is organised in six Work Packages (WP). Each WP focuses on different aspects of Intelligent Electricity Distribution. The WP's work together to realise the smart, flexible and robust electricity distribution grid of the future.


PhD students in research centre CINELDI get unique access to cutting edge expertise, where they are able to participate in a world-leading research environment on the electricity grid of the future.

This PhD's results will be important for technology providers

Trine Larssen

Fredrik Göthner is writing a PhD at CINELDI, where he is researching converters. We talked to him to hear what converters actually are, the role they will play in the future, and why he is researching them when the technology already exists.

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