The objective of this research area is to develop a credible set of Smart Grid visions and scenarios as input to the other work packages in CINELDI, and as a basis for fostering new ideas and innovation. This research area will also develop guidelines and recommendations for the transition to the flexible, robust, and cost-efficient electricity distribution system of 2030-2040, by integrating the results and findings from the other work packages into a holistic strategy.

The expected impact is twofold: 1) a structured multidisciplinary research, providing results that are robust to external requirements and opportunities for the future distribution system, and 2) that these strategies and recommendations will be used by the electricity industry to update their local strategies thus enabling the transition to happen.

  • Drivers, barriers and enablers for intelligent electricity distribution system innovation
  • Scenarios for the future flexible and intelligent distribution system in Norway
  • Transition pathways and guidelines

See CINELDI's Knowledge base on Smart grid scenarios and transition strategy - incl. results


Gerd Kjølle

WP6 Lead
+47 906 72 035
Gerd Kjølle
WP6 Lead