The future electricity system is characterised by a significant increase in complexity compared to today's situation, especially at the distribution level. Integration of distributed generation, electrical transport, electrical storage, flexible customers and new ICT solutions, results in new interactions and dynamics in the system of systems that comprises the Smart Grid. 

Our challenge is therefore to develop a knowledge-base, new technologies and solutions enabling the transformation towards a flexible, intelligent and robust distribution grid, and in a socio-economically efficient way meeting future grid requirements.

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Heading for the future electricity distribution grid, one scenario at a time

Gerd Kjølle, Centre Director CINELDI
Gerd Kjølle, Centre Director CINELDI

Gerd Kjølle, Centre Director CINELDI

The future is hard to predict. But we know that things will change. Especially when it comes to technology.

Whether it's new ways of charging our vehicles, powering our appliances or radical innovations that have yet to be seen, we can be certain of one thing; the electricity distribution grid will have to adapt. Varying power loads, uncertainties and an ever-increasing amount of connections to the grid will all contribute in making change a necessity. Is it challenging? Yes. But, with challenge comes opportunity, and with opportunity comes innovation.

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Sigurd Kvistad, Chair of the CINELDI board
Sigurd Kvistad, Chair of the CINELDI board

2019 by numbers

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Selected Highlights

Pilot projects in CINELDI

At the end of 2019 there were 24 pilots divided between the different priority areas. They had different statuses, from idea to on-going and finalised as illustrated below. Results are reported in the WP the pilot project belongs to.

Moving forward, more activity in the pilots in the priority areas microgrid, application of AMR/grid data and flexibility applied on system services is a top priority. It is important to involve more partners in ongoing pilots in order to ensure transfer of knowledge. Hence, dissemination from the pilots is essential.

In 2019 there was pilot dissemination through WP-meetings, webinars and day number two of the CINELDI-days in November 2019 was dedicated to pilot projects.

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Research results

CINELDI is organised in six work packages (WP).

To read more about each WP, and view the 2019 results, click on your desired WP below.

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