The world is changing...

The world is changing; Electricity consumption is increasing in all corners of the world and we are facing an energy and climate crisis. There isn't a single big solution to this problem, but one part of the solution is upgrading the electricity distribution grid. Today's distribution grid is ageing, and was not designed to handle the vast amount of electricity generated by solar and wind sources. The needs and sustainability targets of the future energy system cannot be met without upgrading our electricity distribution systems.

In 2016, FME CINELDI was established as one of eight new Centres for Environment-friendly Energy Research. The Centre will provide new visionary smart grid-solutions and test them in laboratory and real-life environments. This will pave the ground for increased distribution from renewable resources, electrification of transport, and more efficient power and energy use both in private homes and in industry. The knowledge and experience gained will help grid companies, system operators, manufacturers and ICT companies to develop and integrate new technologies and work processes, stimulating innovations.

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2017 by the numbers

8 years
40 million euro
29 partners

Greeting from the Director

Gerd Kjølle, Centre Director CINELDI

Gerd is Chief Scientist at the Energy Systems Department, SINTEF Energy Research and also an Adjunct Professor at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Electric Power Engineering. 

Gerd has more than 30 years of R&D experience from the electric power sector. She has collaborated with grid companies, transmission system operators, electric power industry and authorities through bilateral- and innovation projects, including multi-disciplinary projects and EU-projects.

Her focus areas include energy systems planning, power system analyses, risk and vulnerability analyses, reliability and interruption cost assessment, and smart grids. Gerd Kjølle holds a PhD in Electric Power Engineering from NTNU in 1996.

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Greeting from the Chairman of the Board

Chairman of the Board, Sigurd Kvistad
Chairman of the Board, Sigurd Kvistad

The electricity system is undergoing major changes. Society wants a future clean from CO2 emissions. Hence, more and more sectors are electrified and electricity produced from intermittent, unregulated and distributed sources such as solar and wind is integrated. 

The technology is developing rapidly, with new sensors, microgrids, energy storage and advanced control systems becoming available, while new buildings are more energy efficient. Due to such changes, new business models and eco systems will emerge in the coming years. At the same time, the grid companies have huge reinvestment plans for renewal of the grid and to improve the quality of supply. 

This imposes uncertainty and at the same time gives possibilities for all stakeholders in the future smart energy system where the electricity grid will play a major role. CINELDI will help the actors in dealing with the uncertainties and utilise the possibilities for how the grid should be developed and operated, and how flexible consumption and electricity production can be useful resources for a cost-efficient and robust electricity grid. 

CINELDI brings together many innovative actors from grid companies (DSOs, TSO), market places, technology providers, member organisations and authorities, with prominent research institutes, to contribute to the development of solutions for the future. 

2017 was the start-up year in CINELDI, providing the foundation for the further work. The board is looking forward to new results in the years to come!

Selected CINELDI cases from 2017

Using HAN to extract information
about the grid

A CINELDI-student master thesis titled "Data gathering and -assembling from several smart meter HAN ports" is in progress. This system will make an efficient system for collecting real-time data from the HAN (home area network) port of distributed smart meters. The information is then transferred to a cloud service for a preliminary analysis of the assembled data.

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Digitizing grid data for a future-proof

The future electricity distribution system will include new intelligent devices and flexible Resources (such as solar and wind energy), resulting in new load and generation patterns as well as massive amounts of operational data. Many changes will be driven by the customers, and new uncertainties will emerge for the distribution system operators (DSOs), making planning of "future proof" distribution systems more challenging.

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Energy Modelling workshop and
5th Pyomofest

From October 3rd -5th 2017, we arranged the 5th workshop on the open-source optimization modeling language Pyomo (the so-called Pyomofest) followed by a full-day workshop on energy systems modelling and optimization.

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Research results

CINELDI is organised in six work packages (WP).

To read more about each WP, and view the 2019 results, click on your desired WP below.

Romina Muka, PhD in CINELDI, explaining what she is working on in her PhD
Romina Muka, PhD in CINELDI, explaining what she is working on in her PhD

Cooperation between partners

CINELDI had a total of 30 partners in 2018, including 27 user partners. In 2018, partners have participated in several workshops, to discuss activities and contribute to the research in CINELDI. Find out more in the full annual report.

Full partner overview on this page.


Skagerak Nett snakker om pilotprosjektet Skagerak Energilab
Skagerak Nett snakker om pilotprosjektet Skagerak Energilab
CINELDI Prisen 2018 gikk til Hafslund Nett
CINELDI Prisen 2018 gikk til Hafslund Nett
Lyse snakker om hva de får ut av å være med i CINELDI
Lyse snakker om hva de får ut av å være med i CINELDI

[{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/dsc01714.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤CINELDI Days 2017¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/dsc01745.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤CINELDI Days 2017¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/smarrtgridlab-kjell-sand_1000.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Kjell Sand presenting one of the planned demos for the SmartGrid Laboratory.\n¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/pikestrom.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤The student choir “Pikestrøm” from NTNU, which can be translated to “Girl Power”, performing at the opening of The Norwegian SmartGrid Laboratory and Demonstration platform¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/grete_coldevin_opening_1.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Grete Coldevin, General Manager Norwegian Smartgrid Centre, gave a presentation of the Norwegian Smartgrid Centre¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/cineldi-sept-kjell-sand-presenterer-smartgrid-laben.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Kjell Sand presenting the SmartGrid Lab\n¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/cineldi-dagene_1.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Ane T. Brunvoll, RCN, giving a presentation at the CINELDI days 2017\n¤},{¤src¤:¤/globalassets/sintef-energi/cineldi/2017-in-pictures/img_7553.jpg¤,¤alt¤:¤Centre Directro Gerd Kjølle attended a communication seminarin 2017, together with several others from management. Here together with Chief Scientist Petter Nekså and Research Scientist Einar Jordanger\n¤}]