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PEM BPP Technoport 2012
Presentations from the Hydrogen-session at Technoport 2012, Trondheim, Norway.
  • Hydrogen as energy storage medium and fuel for transport, Ulrich Bünger (Ludwig-Bölkow-Systemtechnik, Germany).
  • Metallic bipolar plate technology for automotive fuel cells, Shinichi Hirano (Ford, USA).
  • PEM fuel cell metallic bipolar plates: Technical status and nitridation surface modification for improved performance, Karren L. More (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA).
  • Modified stainless steels for PEMFC bipolar plates, Heli Wang (National Renewable Energy Laboratory, USA).
  • Development of low cost PEM-based metal bipolar plates. Gerald DeCuollo (TreadStone Technologies, USA).
  • MaxPhase™ coatings on bipolar plates deposited by magnetron sputtering techniques in a high throughput industrial coating system. Kristian Nygren (Impact Coatings, Sweden).
  • On the corrosion and contact resistance characteristics of micro-stamped metallic bipolar plates. Muammer Koç (Istanbul Sehir University, Turkey).
  • Numerical analysis of stresses and strain in PEMFC generated during cell assembly. Christophe Carral (Grenoble Institute of Technology / Université de Savoie / Université Joseph Fourier, France).
  • Procedures and diagnostic methods for developing bipolar plates. Erich Gülzow (DLR German Aerospace Center).
  • Advanced bipolar plates without flow channels, for PEM electrolysers operating at high pressure. Emile Tabu Ojong (Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, Germany).
  • Screening of plasma nitrided CrN coatings for PEMFC bipolar plate. Sonja Auvinen (VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland).
  • Bipolar Plate Technologies and Ex-Situ-Tests for Material Selection. Lars Kühnemann (The fuel cell research center ZBT GmbH, Germany).
  • Polymer composites bipolar plates for PEMFCs. Emilie Planes (Grenoble INP / Université de Savoie / Université Joseph Fourier, France).
  • Research on bipolar plates for PEM technology at SINTEF. Anders Ødegård (SINTEF Materials and Chemistry, Norway).
  • Research on bipolar plates at Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics. Zhigang Shao (Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences).
  • Correlation between ex-situ and in-situ contact resistance of steels and coatings in PEMFC. Alejandro Ojarce (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden).
  • Ex-situ testing of nitrided CrN coatings for PEMFC bipolar plate. Sigrid Lædre (Sør-Trøndelag University College, Norway).
  • Corrosion studies on electro polished stainless steels for the use as metallic bipolar plates in PEMFC applications. Justin Richards (Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology, Germany).
  • Published September 20, 2012