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Project Overview
The main objective of STAMPEM is to: Develop durable coatings materials for metal based bipolar plates, that can be mass produced for less than 2.5 €/kW of rated stack power at mass production volumes of 500 000 pieces annually. Properties after extrapolated 10 000 hours from AST single cell testing shall still be within the AIP specifications. The main parameters are contact resistance (< 25 mohm cm2) and corrosion resistance (< 10 µA/cm2).

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To reach this ambitious objective, the STAMPEM project will pursue multiple approach by:

  • improving existing and developing new coatings for low cost metals.
  • applying advanced ex-situ equipment and techniques in coating analysis together with thorough in-situ long term and AST (Accelerated Stress Testing) experiments in single cells and stacks.
  • addressing adhesion issues related to processing and manufacturing.
  • generating a critical techno-economical assessment
  • up-dating international state-of-the-art knowledge by organizing an open workshop on bipolar plates, with invited internationally renowned experts.

 The lifetime of 10 000 hours will be proven by extrapolation of long time duration data in single cells, while a prototype stack incorporated in a fork lift will validate the developed BPPs under industrial use.

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Published September 20, 2012